Sunday, September 13, 2009

"On Your Left"

No, I am not going talk about ideologies in political arena, I am talking about the most spoken word by MS bike riders to the fellow rider while they are passing them on their bike. It is common courtesy to warn the fellow rider to be vigilant about his/her surroundings while they are riding.

That brings to my very exciting, exhausting ride of 150 miles in 2 beautiful days this past weekend through the rural Missiouri near Coloumbia, MO to benefit MS Society. During the ride all the good riders were either ahead of me or chasing me, and I may have collected almost all of the 5999 "on the left" messages and I am glad I did. So, thank you riders, you are the Best!

This year marks a special 25 th anniversary for MS Society and I have been riding for them for last three years in every fall season. As always they have put on great event with great route with tons of volunteers and great food & music, suffice to say it was every bit of fun (some times not! when you are riding for 5hrs on 5 inch wide seat) and it is for great cause.

But it is all possible because of people like you, who supported with your donations and encouragement. I sincerely thank all my supporters now and in the past, who has pledged a donation in supporting MS Society. Please know that every dollar you donated is carefully spent in finding the cure and spreading the awareness of MS.

Thank you again.


Team Picture