Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where it all started!

I have been wanting to enter blogosphere for little while now to keep in touch with my friends and colleagues but never took the initiative until now.

It all started when I was watching the 2008 vice-presidential debate on CNN last week, and I heard Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin calling all "Joe Six Packs" and hockey moms in the nation to come together in saying "never again" to those predatory lenders who is responsible for mortgage meltdown.

That got me thinking as to who is this Joe Six Pack? Am I a Joe Six Pack? Then after couple days light came on in my head, Yes of course I am Joey, but actually then I may be a "Java Six Pack" based on my career so far. Then I started listing what makes
my six pack?
  1. Fedora 9
  2. Java
  3. Eclipse
  4. JBoss
  5. My Work
  6. Open source, etc

there I came about name "Java Six Pack". I thought, hey I may not be intelligent about any of these technologies but now and then I do come across some questions, interesting uses and use cases about all the above time to time, that thought inspired me to start this blog!

So, what is your Six Pack? Please share.

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