Sunday, September 12, 2010

Your Kindness Only Exceeds Your Beauty

After a long day of riding bicycle for 75 miles on the first day of MS 150 charitable ride, I was sitting down with my teammates in one of the tents relaxing, then I went and grabbed a beer and came back to the table then a little older gentleman pleasantly offered to open the beer cap, then said something and walked away. Curious I was, I went back to him asked "What is that you just said Charlie?"

"Your Kindness Only Exceeds Your Beauty"
- Charlie September 11, 2010

Then he winked and said you can use this as a pick up line too. Anybody who is part of St.Louis chapter of MS society probably knows Charlie, he is a true devotee in raising money (265K this year alone) and in spreading the awareness about the MS.

This year I set my personal goal to raise $500 in donations for MS Society, and I am so glad and happy to inform you that I raised about $490 so far, with help of my generous family and friends. I want to bring Charlie words and pass them on because you are the true recipients of his praise. So, big thank you to all.

I was little disappointed that I could not raise that last $10 to meet my goal, but during the ride being met with so many passionate riders and volunteers, it was little clearer for me that the goals is nicer to achieve in life, but we must not stop there. Multiple Sclerosis is a real decease, the search for cure must go on. So, please donate to this cause or any of other charity of your choosing, as they do need your help.

Ok, on lighter note, who can tell me what these pictures about?

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