Monday, September 12, 2011

Four Words

I can not believe it has been another year, and what exciting and exhaustive year it has been. All good.

As I been participating for past 4 years, this last weekend on September 10-11, I participated in MS 150 bike ride in Columbia, MO. This year I did not had time for many practice rides due to schedules and temperatures in St.Louis city, still reluctantly I took upon the challenge to ride. It was it was little breezy beautiful Saturday, we started at start line about 7:30 AM and ride lasted until 3:00 PM for finishing 75 miles with many rest stops in between. It seemed like we were chasing the rain and clouds all day long, but luckily we did not get caught.

Once we were back, we were sitting in VIP tent (yeah, my boss raises enough money to be a VIP and he gets us in for some good food and beer), and talking then I enquired with my colleagues if they have seen Charlie. None of them seen him that day. For those who do not know Charlie, he is a graceful older gentle man, who apart from raising lot of money for MS society, he is a great ambassador for MS. He is been involved with MS Society for 27 years.

Few minutes passed by then we heard a loud whistle in the tent, there was Charlie!!! He looked little older and weaker this year than last, however he seemed more determined to his mission. Once he got everybody's attention, he thanked all the staff and volunteer and riders, then asked everybody to follow "Four Words" and those were

Act Now Help Somebody

His message was simple, there are lot people out there who are not blessed as you and I are with good fortunes or good health, so simply do anything whatever you can do help those in need. That is message I bought with me home this year.

For that end, I sincerely thank you all for the donations you have given to MS Soceity on my behalf. If you like, you can donate here

Thank you all again


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